New app release

Timing is getting a new system which will revamp our Timing app. As a result, some things will soon work slightly differently. We are happy to show you what will change.


These are the changes

Our new system allows us to help you even better. But it also means that the Timing App sometimes looks slightly different and some things have been moved. Here are the changes.

Fast forward to:

From Monday May 27th

Leave balance

Your leave balance is no longer shown on the main screen. Click the ‘Your leave requests’ button to view it.  Can't see your leave balance immediately, but do you see the screen below? Then click again on the link to view your leave balance.


Entering hours

If you enter your hours yourself, we have made this easier with the additional button ‘Enter my hours’. Click this to enter your hours.


Reporting available working hours

The screen you come to when you want to submit your available working hours looks different from what you are used to.


From Wednesday June 12th

Available working hours

Via the button ‘Submit hours’ you can indicate how many hours you want to work this week. From June 12th, you can only give one preference. This preference will take effect immediately. 


From Monday June 17th

Approving documents

Approving or signing documents, e.g. your contract, will be done via a different system from now on. To do so, click on ‘My’, then ‘My documents’. Click on the link ‘Go to my documents’ to approve everything at once.  


View declarations

The overview of your submitted claims will look different from now on. From ‘My’, click on ‘Claims’. You will be taken to an overview page with your submitted timesheets. Select the year and week for which you would like to see the expense claims.  

Click on the banknote icon next to the company whose expenses you want to view.  


You will then see the corresponding claim(s). 


From Monday June 24th

Entering hours

Do you enter your hours yourself? In the new app, you do this in a different place. See how it works here. You do not enter any hours yourself? No worries, nothing will change for you here. 


Do you enter your hours yourself?

Viewing worked hours 

You can view your worked hours via the Home screen. At the top you will find the button ‘Your worked hours’. Clicking this button will take you to an overview of your timesheets. This overview looks different from the one you are used to. Select the year and week, click on the company whose timesheets you want to view.  


Viewing your leave reservations  

When you click the ‘My leave balance’ button via the Home screen, you get to a screen that looks different from what you are used to. Here you will find your (leave) reservations. 


Requesting compensation 

In the app, click on ‘My’ and then the ‘Claims’ button to request reimbursement. The screen looks different from what you are used to. The way of requesting has also changed. You first select your cost centre, then the type of reimbursement and then the number. The amount of the reimbursement is already fixed. You then click directly on the ‘Submit’ button. 


From Wednesday June 26th

Your salaryslips 

Your salaryslip is in a different place. Use the ‘Salary’ button at the bottom of the app to go to the new location. 


My archive 

If you've worked before Monday June 17th, you will find all pay slips, hours, documents and declarations under the ‘My Archive’ button. To do this, click on ‘My’, then ‘My archive’, here you will find all older information. 


Are you struggling with something?

Let your Timing contactperson know, he/she will be happy to help you.