Pathé Thuis

Watch the latest films at home!

What is Pathé Thuis?

Pathé Thuis lets you watch the latest films from the comfort of your own home; from the biggest blockbusters to award-winning arthouse cinema. The latest and hottest films are added to the Pathé Thuis library every week! 

How can I redeem my Pathé Thuis code?

Here's how to redeem your Pathé Thuis code:

1. Go to and click on “Redeem code”
2. Log in with your Pathé Thuis account. If you don't have a Pathé Thuis account yet, you must create one first. Click on “Register here” or follow the steps “How do I create a free Pathé Thuis account
3. Enter your film code and view the list of available films. Choose the film you want to see. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

How do I create a free Pathé Thuis account?

You need an account to view a film. Creating an account is easy and free. The registration process is explained below.

1. Go to your PC/laptop, tablet or smartphone.
2. Enter your name and email address, choose a password and click on “Sign up.”
3. Click on thePathé Thuis app on your smart TV, PC/laptop, tablet, game console or smartphone.
4. Enter your login credentials.

What is the validity period of my film code?

Your Pathé Thuis film code is valid until February 28, 2022.

On what devices is Pathé Thuis available?

With Pathé Thuis, you can watch your favourite films on your smartphone, tablet, smart TV, game console, laptop or PC. Download the app or go to

Pathé Thuis is currently available for:

  • Web (
  • Samsung Smart TV (from 2012)
  • Philips Smart TV (from 2013/2014)
  • LG Smart TV (from 2013)
  • Sony Smart TV (from 2012)
  • Panasonic Smart TV (from 2014)
  • iPhone from iOS 8 (playback via Google Chromecast/Airplay is available)
  • iPad from iOS 8 (playback via Google Chromecast/Airplay is available)
  • Android smartphones from version 5 (playback via Google Chromecast is available)
  • Android tablets from version 5 (playback via Google Chromecast is available)
  • Apple TV
  • Xbox One
  • PlayStation 3 and 4
  • Windows 8 and 10 application

You cannot watch the same film on more than one device at the same time. However, you can watch films that you previously rented or purchased via a different platform.

Contact us

If your question was not answered here, please fill out the Pathé Thuis contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

You can also contact us via email: [email protected]. The Pathé Thuis support team is standing by to personally respond to all your questions within 24 hours.

Please make sure to list the email address that you used to create your Pathé Thuis account so we can process your question as quickly as possible. If you are experiencing technical difficulties with the Pathé Thuis service, please also list the device you are using and the software version you are running (see "settings").