Production employee Drukwerkdeal fulltime


37.5 UUR

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Production employee Drukwerkdeal fulltime

Seize the opportunity to work as a production assistant at Drukwerkdeal in Deventer! A great opportunity for a challenging fulltime job, right?! As a production employee at Drukwerkdeal you will make sure that all clients receive their printed products in good order. The tasks are diverse: from printing business cards and banners to packing and shipping products. Of course, you also help your colleagues where necessary: teamwork! You will be working in a new and beautiful production hall where you can sing along with your favourite songs on the radio while you are working. In addition, there is always a colleague around with whom you can discuss your weekend plans, of course while you are hard at work; will you be joining us soon?

33 - 40+ uur
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