Production employee 3 shifts


40 UUR

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Production employee 3 shifts

Are you looking for a well-paid job for 40 hours per week? Please, read further. This production company is specialized in production of honeycomb paper and seeks to hire a new production employee to support the production process. We are looking for a motivated and reliable candidate who wish to work in 3 shifts system: early shift from 6:00 - 14:00, late shift from 14:00 - 22:00 and nigth shift from 22:00 - 06:00. Nigth shitfs starts on a Sunday evening, so you will finnish your night shift week on a Friday morning at 6:00. Together with your collegues, you will work at a multiple production lines. Your duties will be: - checking the quality of the honeycomb paper, - putting paper on pallets and prepearing pallets for expedition, like sealing or strapping them, - helping with changes of machine's settings and filling them up with paper, - other production actievieties and keeping production area celan and safe. Are you inetersted? Apply now, you may start following next week!

33 - 40+ uur
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