Production assistant operating kits (assembly)


40 UUR

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Production Assistant operating kits (assembly)

Do you want to be part of potentially life-saving care? Then apply for the position of production assistant for operating kits at CEVA Logistics Heerlen! You will receive an order, for example a jaw operation. You will receive a list of the items you need to collect (such as pliers, a clamp, etc.) for that type of operation. Then you put this neatly into a box so that it can go to the hospital as soon as possible. Surgery cannot take place without the kits you make! It is very important that you work neatly and that you are accurate. You find it important to deliver quality and you are not afraid to work hard. Experience in this is a plus, but not required. As long as you are well motivated, CEVA can teach you everything there is to know within this position!

33 - 40+ uur
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