Early morningshift at GLS 📦


22 UUR

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Early morningshift at GLS 📦

Are you a person that likes to work in the night and are you used to doing physically demanding work? Then come and work at night at GLS in Zwolle! As a warehouse employee at GLS, you work at night to sort all types of packages. Together with a top team, you are responsible for a large part of the logistics process. Together you are responsible for registering the packages by scanning the barcodes, after this you will sort the packages. You will also load and unload the truck. You will be deployed in different places in the warehouse, which gives you variety. You will work the night shift from 03:30/04:00 until 08:30 in the morning. Because the shifts are short and you are free in the morning, you have a lot of free time to enjoy the rest of the day!

17 - 24 uur
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