Clean production employee


40 UUR

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Clean production employee

Would you like to work in a brand new cleanroom assembling hoses and technical parts? Apply on this job! We are looking for production employees who want to work in the cleanroom. You're activities include assmembling different parts. You get a technical drawing together with different parts. You will pick you're tools and start making the product. When you made the whole product it goes to quality control. They check if everything is according tot the client standards. If it is not you get you're order back so you can fix it. When the product is done you pack it according to the cleanroom standards. You will work in a dust free environment dressed in a cleanroom suit. You work with high quality standards and you will follow special cleanroom rules. In the cleanroom you work with a specialised team who can learn you a lot. You work from monday till friday in a 2-shift scheme. The morning shift starts at 6:00 am and ends at 14:30 pm, the afternoon shift starts at 14:15 pm and ends at 22:45 pm. On every hour you get an allowance of 12,5%. At this moment it is not possible te start right away, if you react on this vacancy we can do the interview directly and see of this vacancy is a match for you. If it is a match you can start on 1-1-2024!

33 - 40+ uur
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