The coronavirus is all over the news at the moment, and a great deal of information about it is in circulation. We’ve noticed that this is leading to unnecessary panic in some cases. That’s why it is important to us to provide you with clear information. Timing is following the information provided by the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) and the Area Health Authority (GGD). Please find the information below.

So what’s going on?
Maybe you, or someone close to you, came back from a country or an area where the coronavirus is prevalent. Fortunately, for most people there is nothing to worry about. It is very important to remain alert, but above all, let’s all keep a level head and reassess each (new) situation as it occurs. If you have just come from an area of risk but you are not sick, you can go to work as normal. However, it is important that you inform us if you have been in an area of risk, so we can intervene immediately in the event of any symptoms.

May I go to work?
Yes, you may. If you are not sick, you are not a risk to your environment and also the virus is not transmissible. So you can go to work as normal. This is policy in the Netherlands.

What if I get sick?
If you have a fever, cough or experience shortness of breath and you or someone close to you has just come from an area where the coronavirus is prevalent, you are not permitted to go to work.

In such cases, you must call your GP, who will decide what needs to be done.

You must also report sick to both the office and the client and inform him/her of the fact that you are sick. Explain to them that you have been in an area of risk or have been in contact with someone in your immediate vicinity who has been in an area of risk or has already been proven to be infected.

When do I go back to work if I'm sick?
You do not report back for work until you have permission from your GP/the GGD to go outside again. You may not appear at work without this permission.

What can I do myself in terms of prevention?
It is important to pay attention to good hand and cough hygiene, a practice that prevents all sorts of diseases. You achieve this by:

  • washing your hands with soap
  • sneezing/coughing into your elbow
  • avoiding contact with people who have the flu
  • touching your mouth, nose or eyes as little as possible
  • regularly cleaning objects such as door handles
  • ventilating your workplace
  • using paper tissues

So what’s next?

We are keeping a close eye on the developments regarding the coronavirus and will keep you informed. If we need to take additional measures, we will notify you.