Coronavirus update March 17

During an impressive speech last night, Prime minister Mark Rutte emphasised that the Netherlands is facing a challenge of unprecedented proportions. Far-reaching measures had already been announced. For instance, schools, child care facilities, bars, restaurants and sports clubs had to close as of 18:00 o’clock on Sunday.

Instead of trying to stop the virus, a decision was made to control it so people in the Netherlands could build up immunity. This means large parts of the Netherlands will encounter the virus. If you are healthy, you will experience mild symptoms similar to those of the flu. The good news is that you will become immune once you have had the virus.

Naturally, we understand the decisions that have been made and have confidence in the expertise of people responsible for making them. The government has made a conscious decision to not bring everything to a standstill and to do everything to support our companies and employees. We must also do our utmost to make sure that the Netherlands emerges successfully from these challenging new circumstances.

Your role is now particularly important

We believe it is our responsibility to continue supporting the Netherlands. Timing offers employment opportunities in sectors that keep the wheels of the Dutch economy turning. Our role in all areas of industry - particularly when it comes to foodstuffs, logistics, medicine supply and cleaning - is now more crucial than ever. And you also have an important role to play.

The government has asked us to work from home wherever possible. This is not possible in most cases because you are needed in your employer's workplace, particularly at this moment in time. That is why we are asking you to continue working if you feel healthy and are not experiencing symptoms. You must only refrain from working if you actually experience symptoms.

Are you experiencing symptoms?

If you are unfortunate enough to experience symptoms, the rules you must follow will be determined by your contract with Timing. Report your symptoms to the Timing contact person. Depending on your contract, the contact person will explain which rules apply to you. We feel it is important to inform you that, under the terms of your contract and the applicable rules concerning illness-related absenteeism, calling in sick based on these symptoms will often lead to a reduction in your salary.

Arranging child care

Naturally, we realise that it is very difficult to arrange child care for your children in just 1 day. We will try to help you in this regard wherever possible. Please contact your Timing contact person so we can work together to find a solution.

Want to work more hours?

If you have less work than normal, or actually want to work more hours, then please inform your contact person. In fact, some companies are currently busier than usual. We will be pleased to help you find work at one of these companies.

We greatly appreciate your efforts

These are difficult times for everyone. That is why we want to show our support; we greatly appreciate your efforts. We are pleased that we can also count on you in these circumstances.

P.S. We are closely monitoring the latest developments and will send you an e-mail if any news is of importance to you.