Corona virus update March 14

On the 12th of March the Dutch government has adjusted her Corona- protocol. The following advice currently applies to everybody in The Netherlands:
If you have mild symptoms like a cold and/or sore throat and/or a cough, whether or not combined with a fever, you have to stay at home.

What to do when experiencing these symptoms?

You don't have to call in sick. Get in touch with your contact person at Timing and mention that you experience symptoms which don't allow you to work, based on the national Corona- protocol. Timing follows the guidelines of the RIVM which means that you have to stay at home until all your symptoms are gone.

When your symptoms are over?

You can go back to work when all your symptoms are gone. As soon as they are gone, contact Timing so that you can resume your work.

Want to know more about the Corona Hygiene protocol?

Read it here.