Corona virus update December 20

On Saturday, over 7 million people watched the press conference and heard that the measures will become stringent again. This will also have consequences for you. We feel responsible for doing everything we can to help you during this uncertain time. We, and our clients, make every effort to ensure that you will continue to feel safe. If you have any questions about this, make sure to let us know so that we can help you immediately!  

Get tested if you have any symptoms
Make sure to get tested as soon as possible if you suffer from symptoms possibly related to the coronavirus. Even if you are fully vaccinated. We can arrange this for you on the same day to make sure that you know what is going on and whether you can go to work or not. If you are identified in a source and contact investigation, you can get tested at us within 3 days to ensure that you can leave quarantine. We have purchased a great number of tests from You can use these by signing up through your contact at Timing. The result will be listed in a personal email that contains a link to have the results registered in your CoronaMelder app. 

We are here for you
Many of our clients have already indicated that they are expecting additional work in the coming period. If your employer is actually less busy and you want to work more hours, you can inform your contact at Timing to enable him or her to arrange a(n) (additional) job for you. We will emphasise this again. Some businesses are extremely busy at the moment and really need your help. And as we promise: “We always have work. Always!”

Happy holidays
The holidays are coming up in these uncertain times. Despite this message, we still want to wish you cosy holidays and a happy and healthy 2022. Thank you for your commitment in 2021. Our clients value this greatly, as do we!