Corona virus update December 17

A difficult message for us all on Monday evening: Until January 19, the Netherlands is in lockdown. This carries a lot of uncertainty for everyone. We feel extremely responsible for making every effort to help you in these difficult times. Because we’re here for you, in the good times and the bad.

Together, we keep the Netherlands running

Despite these difficult times, we want to thank you for your efforts. We’re proud of the fact that everyone contributes to keep the Netherlands running. Are you out of a job or is there less work to do than you’d like? If so, get in touch with your contact at Timing. We’ll happily go over the possibilities with you. There are customers who are extra busy these days and really need your help. We’ll gladly help you find work at one of these organisations. If you’re not sure who your contact is, get in touch with one of our offices close to you.

Thank you for your efforts

We can never say it enough: thank you. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. That’s why this year again, we have a personal Christmas gift for you.

We wish you and those dear to you warm and happy holidays and a healthy and happy 2021. In which we’ll gladly be of service again.