Corona virus update August 10

The coronavirus has been making headlines and is flaring up in the Netherlands and across Europe. We are very concerned about the developments. This could result in new measures being implemented, from (regional) lockdowns to national (far-reaching) measures such as closing down specific industries. Of course we don't want that to happen. We can prevent this from happening together, which is why it is important that we all comply with the measures.

Together against the coronavirus

To prevent the virus from spreading, we all need to comply with the measures. Keep your distance, wash your hands, sneeze and cough in your elbow, and use paper towels. This also applies to staying at home, working from home and getting a test as soon as you experience any symptoms.

Reminder to comply with the measures

It is important to remind one another to comply with the measures. Especially with regard to staying 1.5 metres away from each other. We cannot emphasise this enough. This is in everyone's best interests and everybody needs to take their responsibility. You should feel free to hold someone accountable if they do not comply with the measures when working. This should not be seen as nagging. By holding someone accountable, you are creating and maintaining a safe(r) working environment for you and your colleagues.

Report unsafe situations at work (to [email protected])

If you work in an environment in which the rules are not (sufficiently) complied with, we would like to ask you to report these unsafe situations by sending an e-mail to [email protected]. We can then (immediately) address this and discuss the situation with the applicable company, and revise the arrangements and measures to restore the safe working environment. Again, it is in everyone's interests to guarantee safety. After all, we are in this together. Your (good) health and the health of your colleagues is our top priority. Please don't feel as if you cannot report wrongdoing and unsafe situations.

Ignoring measures

We can imagine that it might be hard to work in environment where people are not complying with the measures or not as good as they should. For example when working in restaurants. Or when you hold people accountable and they respond in an aggressive manner. We really appreciate that you are advocating for everyone's interests.

The importance of testing quickly

It is important to get tested quickly in case of symptoms. If you have (moderate) symptoms, such as a cold and/or sore throat and/or coughing, whether or not in combination with a fever, you should stay at home and get yourself tested as soon as possible. You can contact your Timing contact person, stating that you are experiencing symptoms, as a result of which you cannot work, based on the national corona protocol. We would like to receive the result of your corona test within 48 hours. The test capacity has been increased recently and testing is free. In case of a positive result, the GGD will start a source trace investigation as soon as possible and you will need to stay at home for two weeks. This is why we explicitly ask you to get tested in case of symptoms and/or when you suspect corona. You need to stay at home and cannot go to work until you have received the test result.

A safe summer

We are in the middle of the summer holiday. Naturally, we want you to enjoy your holiday as much as possible. Did you go abroad during your holiday? Or are you planning to go abroad? Please be watchful of risk areas. The government of the Netherlands has created a website on which you can find information about the recommendations for (risk) countries. Are you returning from a risk area? Please get yourself tested immediately and be watchful of any symptoms. You will be personally responsible for your decision to go on holiday. If you are unexpectedly unable to return from the concerned country (within or outside Europe), or must go into quarantine upon return, you will be obligated to use your (paid or unpaid) leave days.

We are closely monitoring the situation regarding the coronavirus and will keep you up to date. If any additional measures are necessary, we will notify you of these.

Thank you for your efforts

Despite these difficult times, we would like to thank you for your efforts. We are proud that everyone is helping to keep the Netherlands up and running. Are you temporarily without a job? Then check these vacancies at employers who are now looking for people like you. We will notify you via e-mail if we encounter something that could be of importance to you. Other questions? Your contact person at Timing will always be ready to assist you.